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PRODUCTS - Windows 11 (including Version 22H2)

As well as providing a range of IT Support Services, Computech 2000 specialises in the installation and configuring of various Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, which also applies to the new Windows 11 version (22H2). Believe it or not Windows 11 was in fact released in late 2021, after Microsoft announced that they would be gradually removing support for Windows 10, with the new Windows 11 version becoming its Flagship Windows Operating system.

Microsoft have recently released a new update (22H2) that offers a range of enhanced Security Features, and since applying the latest update, I have noticed that it does speed up and enhance the performance of many Laptops and Desktop Computers.

Windows 11 Installation Service

For those users who are currently running Windows 10 and do not wish to upgrade that is fine. However, as the new Windows 11 software is being made available for FREE to users of Windows 10, it does makes economic sense to take advantage of this offer, before a price tag is eventually added, as was the case with Windows 10 after its FREE installation period had expired, and it is not known how long the Windows 11 software will remain as a FREE option. As a result of the release of Windows 11 Computech 2000 has created an installation package that includes not only Windows 11, but also the supply and installation of a new SSD (Solid State) Hard Drive plus a lifetime Retail Version of Microsoft Office 2021 Professional (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access).

SSD or Solid State Hard Drives, unlike the older type of Hard Drives that are mechanical in construction, SSDs are digital and therefore do not contain any moving components, as a result they provide enhanced speed and performance, plus extending the life of any computer. The older mechanical Hard Drives do suffer from wear and tear and can suddenly fail without notice resulting in a loss of data if backups have not been carried out. Although data backups should be a regular task for most computer users, SSD Hard Drives are unlikely to fail in same way as their mechanical predecessors.

For those users wishing to partake of this special one off package the following are the current costs of the service:

The installation package also includes the partitioning of the SSD Hard Drive to provide dedicated storage for user data and a new Disaster Recovery Image. On completion of the installation process a new Disaster Recovery Image will be created plus Rescue Media to allow a user to recover the system in the event of a failure and the hard drive setup will provide a storage method designed to reduce any loss of data should a failure in the system software occurs.

Users wishing to avail themselves of this new Windows 11 installation services should contact Brian using the Enquiry Form that can be found on the Contact Us page or by telephoning Direct on the numbers provided on the same page.

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